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Etcetera 13: The Problem With Power (Part 1)

While the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal has highlighted the terrible problem of sexual harassment and assault, it's also shone a spotlight on a broader topic: the misuse of power. In Part One of a short series on this topic, we look at the recent sexual allegations in light of the broader dynamics of how power is given, gained, used and misused in American culture.
How is our culture fueling this? One can firmly believe in personal accountability while also recognizing the powerful influence of the environment in which we are raised. In what ways does this misuse of power, particularly in male/female interactions, manifest in more ordinary moments before it crosses the line and garners headlines? The Harvey Weinstein's of the world were not created in a moment; what does the process look like that enables or even encourages those in power to harass and assault?Finally, what can be done about it? Where do we go from here? What kind of dynamics must we address in homes, schools…

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