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Etcetera #19: Why Are We So #%^%@ Angry?

In our last podcast ("What's Wrong With The World?"), we looked at the brokenness in the world. The headlines of gun violence, human trafficking, #metoo, corporate greed, cyberbullying, terrorism and abusive sex cults remind us that something about the human enterprise is clearly failing on an ongoing basis. For every area in which me make progress, we seem to offset that by regressing in some other way.

That episode looked at root causes: is it our biology, our environment, or our souls? In this episode, Beth is back (!) as we build on the previous podcast while looking at the issue from a different angle.

Maybe it's the ubiquitous nature of the news; maybe social media brings out the worst angels of our nature. Whatever the reason, we seem to have become an increasingly bombastic and angry culture, demanding our right to say what we want however we want to with no thought of civility, decorum or respect.

In this episode, we begin by looking at a local spat involving…

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