Etcetera #3: What Comic Book Heroes Teach Us About Ourselves

Thanks, Karl Meszaros, expert on "everything that could stop you from getting a date," for joining us for this podcast's discussion of comic book superheroes heroism, and the impact is has in both society and individuals. In this episode, we look at several different aspects of this cultural phenomenon:

  • the rise of the superhero genre
  • the changing nature of what is considered heroic (how did we get from Superman to Deadpool?)
  • the reflection of and impact on readers and viewers
  • the benefits and pitfalls that this type of storytelling has to offer

You can link to the podcast on Soundcloud here (RSS feed will be available shortly); you are also welcome to join a post-podcast discussion on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, here is a list of related articles that you may find helpful.

In an act of bald self-promotion, here are links to some of Anthony's reviews, which include occasional guests appearances by both Beth and Karl (whose perspective influenced probably all of these reviews):


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