Etcetera #4: The Truth About Sanctuary Cities (Part 1)

Sanctuary cities have been getting a lot of press lately. Are they a dangerous drain on the United States, or are they a good and meaningful way to address a complicated immigration problem? We were planning to do just one episode on this issue, but we decided to break it into two parts because there's a lot of ground to cover in order to do this topic justice. You may not agree with our conclusions, and we understand. It's a complicated topic. However, we encourage you to consider the facts we have to offer as you pursue truth.

You can link to the podcast on Soundcloud here; you are also welcome to join a post-podcast discussion on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, here is the blog post Beth and I referenced during the podcast.  I have posted a lot of separate links in previous episode posts, in this case, it's a lot easier to just encourage you to click on the many links embedded within the post.

As always, we welcome interaction here or on the Facebook page that continue this discussion: links, comments, observations, etc.


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